County Resource Management Plan Toolkit County Resource Management Plan Toolkit

County, resource & Site PLans

Relationship Between Resource and Site Planning

A Resource Plan is intended to communicate the county's point-of-view relative to a resource within the county (e.g., rangelands, mineral resources, wildlife).


A Site Plan is intended to communicate the county's perspective relative to a specific site (e.g., tourist destination, specifically located mineral resource).


The County Resource Management Plan is the foundation for all Resource Plans, and both serve as the foundation for Site Plans.  There should be one County Resource Management Plan, and one Resource Plan for every resource, but there could be many Site Plans.



County Resource Management Plans

Counties intending to conduct resource management planning need to make sure their plans have a solid foundation.


The Toolkit is intended to provide a thorough template for local plans, but each section requires public consideration and should be modified accordingly.




Resource elements of the plan should be created through a public process. County leaders should justify their decisions and only take a position on a resource after considering and acknowledging any conflicting interests.




Inventory of Critical Lands, Sites, and Resources

The Inventory section of the site-specific plan will fully describe the land(s), site(s), and resource(s) that are of particular concern to the county. These critical sites will be listed by category, and could include such things as agricultural and grazing lands, recreation and tourism sites and districts, mineral and timber resources, watersheds, wildlife habitat, historic sites and cultural landscapes, transportation system, etc.


The Inventory should then list all concerns the county has relative to the site.



Management Emphasis for Critical Lands, Sites, and Resources

The Management section of the site-specific plan will describe the county's desired condition and how the county wants to see the site and/or resource managed (management emphasis). This section should be drafted for each site or resource, or for a collection of related sites or resources. The desired condition and management emphasis would include a discussion about the level of access to the site or resource.


The Management section will also detail the degree of county involvement in both decision-making and management of the resource. This section could also refer to various planning and zoning actions or designations for each site or resource (e.g., zoned uses, recreation overlays, historical development districts).


Finally, the Management section should describe the monitoring activities to be implemented in order to evaluate progress toward the management emphasis.